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They tell him when he wakes how Miles Morales rescued him from Ground Zero of the Khan invasion in the Nexus. They tell him he is dying. That there's only one chance at saving him. Faces Steve doesn't recognize. A man dressed in long flowing blue robes with an audacious red cape. Some he does. Miles is there, telling him to hold on.

That he can't let Steve die.

It's a painful process; by this point Steve wonders if death would be preferable to the agony he's in.

Voices. Shadows. Sweet darkness lulling him into a sleep.

Everything is Wrong when he wakes. His body is not his own anymore. The partial deafness in one ear, his asthma, scoliosis...it's all gone. All of it. But in it's place is a lumbering body he doesn't know how to control. He knocks his head more than a few times just trying to navigate during his therapy. Is this what he's supposed to be? What everyone says he was meant to be?

The face in the mirror is still his.

Steve Rogers is alive.

More than that, they've found him a way home. The explanation goes right over his head; something about restoring a timeline and the rivers of fate and a lot of mystical words he's not entirely convinced the loquacious Dr. Strange isn't just making up as he goes on. All he needs to know is that there's a path home.

To a world he's been locked out of for so long.

A world caught up in a swirling chaos of war, and a regiment that desperately needs Steve's help. He has a part to play in this place. Rescuing Bucky and his unit, facing off against Red Skull. Forming the Howling Commandos, dumping himself and the Tesseract into the frozen ocean.

Decades pass.

When Steve wakes again his world is changed and new. They need him again. His life becomes one struggle after another leaving so little time to think about the life he had before. The Nexus has become just another memory in his time Before the Ice. He takes out his sketchbook often and flips through the pages. Pictures of Harrowheart and Viatorus in candid poses, sketched while Steve was with them. Drawings of Amelia in her dress and of Blaze and Ghost happily staring back at him from the pages. Of Miles sipping at a drink while he listens to the music playing in the little earbuds he wears. Of Sarah, Ethel, and Bucky napping in the afternoon sun.

He decides to leave Wakanda. There isn't anything for him here, now. Not with Bucky back under and his team fractured and scattered. When he feels at his most alone, he decides to find the one place he had come to call home once more.
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Steve's apartment is a sixth floor walk up in a tan brick building near the edge of the Plaza and the Wilds. The area is quiet with a nearby park that is well maintained even in Winter. All the paths are shoveled and it's impossible to miss the slightly eerie statues on either side of the front entrance at the top of the steps.

The directions Steve had given Adia were easy enough to follow even in a place as shifting as the Nexus. When she reaches the right number the entry looks plain, though there is a rather plain 'Welcome!' mat in front of his door. She'll hear shuffling when she knocks and the sound of some kind of animal's nails skittering across the hard wood floor toward the door.

Steve appears a moment later, smile huge on his face. The smell of coffee and some kind of baked good exudes from his apartment.

"Glad you made it Adia. Come on in. I hope it wasn't much trouble?"
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They made a remembrance day out of it.

How many folks died in the war total? How many did we bomb right back in retaliation?

Don't do no good just to remember one side. Seems to me everyone was losing something. Their family, their home, their freedom.


Their world.

I remember plenty about that day. Today, I think I'll pay some respects.
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There were no fireworks, no parades, no flags waving when Steve was out in the Nexus. Why would there be? It's a day like any other here. One more summer day of decidedly nice, if not a bit warm, weather and people strolling about living their lives as though nothing were different.

It should be special, though. A birth of a nation. His home. The same home that for all he knows is still caught up in a terrible war. He wonders if the parade still went by his old apartment. If Missus Johanessan upstairs is wondering where he is when she bakes that swell cobbler of hers and tries to invite him up for dinner like she always does on his birthday.

Even if he was home, it wouldn't be the same. He'd be alone. Wouldn't be worth going out to the dance halls, or down to the pier by himself.He'd probably be doing what he is now. Sitting on the steps out front of the apartment complex with his sketchbook in his lap, idly drawing memories.

He's drawing the parade he remembers today, trying to remember what it would be like if he were home on this holiday.
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Sarah Rogers worked herself to the bone making sure she and her son Steven always had a roof over their heads. She was many things: a single mother, a nurse, an Irish American immigrant, a devout Catholic.

Steve Rogers got his looks from his mother. With his slight build and fine hair, all it would take would be hair extensions and a bit of natural tone makeup and a dress to bring Sarah Rogers back to the world through her son. In face and feature, he is exactly his mother.

He got his moral fiber and work ethic from his mother. Even though they were poor, Sarah never let it get in the way of Steve's education or his health. She always made it work, no matter how rough times got and did so without a single complaint and a determined smile on fer face.


Steve also got his mother's constitution. While he was always weak and sickly his mother wasn't exactly a bastion of glowing good health. She also had the bad habit of pushing herself too hard, and it caught up with her when she passed on of a bout of tuberculosis.

Still, Steve is grateful everyday for everything his mother has given him.
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Some days Steve wondered if winter would ever end in the Nexus.

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It's not as though Steve had forgotten his rather specific and unusual commission request from Schon. On the contrary--he'd been thinking about it all the time. His landlord was a peculiar sort, asking for things Steve was already planning on doing. Making the odd remark or comment when he came to collect his monthly rent pieces. February's piece is halfway finished, a pan shot of the park district divided into four and cycling through the seasons across the piece.

He's been trying to stick to very specific realism style pieces for a while, now. And for a very good reason. Steve has to be familiar with all aspects of it if he can even hope to try and teach it, right?

I'm done washing dishes and tidying up the apartment, Verity. Were you still interested in coming over for a bit?

Steve sends his text feeling quite pleased with himself and goes to start a pot of coffee.
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Steve is much more careful in the way he eats than Harrow was, mostly because Viatorus' clothes are very nice and he doesn't want to make a mess of them. The soup is as good as it smelled, and Steve is glad Harrow liked it. Having working taste buds again must be weird for him.

When he's finished, he looks between Harrow and Viatorus carefully. They have a point. It has gotten rather late since all of this started. Between the panic and the running around, Steve hadn't really noticed it. But it was already dark when he'd gone to get the udon.

"What would you prefer I do?" He asks Viatorus quietly. "If it were my body, I'd grab a shower and get to bed, but...is that allowed? Would you rather I didn't?" To Harrow, Steve nods.

"You don't get a choice in the matter with all the soup. You need to give my body at least a wash." He's laughing while he talks though, so it's clear Steve isn't upset.
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It's six am when Steve gets up--makes his bed and tidies up his mostly spotless apartment. Getting up early has never been a problem for Steve and even less of one when he's got things to look forward to. The tiny fake tree is still sitting up by the window, one present underneath that never got claimed.

He waits until it's a quarter till seven before he starts the coffee, and starts rummaging through his kitchen to get what he thinks they'll need.

Breakfast and faith sound like a good way to begin the day.
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It took an awful lot of work to track down everyone and get their gifts in order, but Steve's going to be running around the Nexus giving out presents to all of his friends. Or inviting them over to his apartment. Whatever works for them!

((Stealing verity's setup--please go to the top level for your character and begin commenting as you like. Feel free to make Steve work to find you, he's got gifts for you all!))
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Steve gets up off of his couch and sets his mug down on the counter. Time to bundle up again and venture into the great outdoors.

"Everyone keeps saying that . And I know it's not. But I also know what people expect when they think of me. And I'm not that person. So I have to do the best I can, even if it's not as good." He's clever, strong willed, and big hearted. The spirit is willing, but the body....

That's why he's training. Trying to be the best he can be, despite the hand he's been played.

"It sounded like something like this hadn't happened before. At least not recently. The attack, I mean. I'll show you where the memorial is."
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Steve really meant to do this sooner, but with the huge Halloween Party, and Steve's condition after it was over it's really taken him longer than he would have liked to get his things in order. Still, he's filled with a small bit of pride at the gift he has wrapped in brown bag paper and tied with twine sitting neatly over on his art desk. It has a few smudges of charcoal on the paper, but that's why it's wrapped, obviously.

So Steve dutifully pulls on his suit and tie, tucks his parcel under one arm, and makes his way out into the forum of the Nexus.

What was step two of this plan?

"Excuse me, ma'am? Would you happen to know a Mister Schon? Thin, really snappy dresser? Magician? ...Okay, thank you anyway." Finding out where the magi works out of or lives, might be an altogether more tricky situation.
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Steve has had some time to adjust to his new life in the Nexus. His suit he arrived in is hanging neatly on the front door to his hotel room, which sways when he pulls the door open to welcome his first official guest to his temporary home.

Aside from the art supplies taking up the large workdesk (covered in newspaper, he's careful not to mess up the nice furniture in this place) the room is rather well kept.

"Come on in, I've got it all ready to go."
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Steven Grant Rogers
Canon is Marvel Cinematic Universe, before Steve gets recruited to the Army.
Mun and Character are over 21.

Backtagging: Absolutely, and I've been known to backtag for super long times. No worries there.
Threadhopping: Ditto
Fourthwalling: As long as it's not disruptive to plot, go ahead.
Offensive subjects: I'm pretty open to most things, but I'd prefer anything that gets pretty hardcore violent or graphic be discussed oocly first so everyone knows what's comfortable. I'd also prefer to keep stuff like that in protected threads if possible, so other readers are warned/don't have to see it.

Hugging this character: Absolutely.
Kissing this character: Ditto.
Flirting with this character: He's gonna think you're teasing him, but go ahead.
Sex/relationship/shipping with this character: Discuss it with me first, please. But yes.
Fighting with this character: Go right ahead!
Injuring this character: Clear it with me and it's probably cool.
Killing this character: Please don't.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: I'm fine with this, but please talk to me ooc so we can figure out what will be gained from it.

Guys I just want to RP with everyone so poke me anytime. Let's have some fun!


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